Dirt Track Productions is an independent film making company that specializes in making travel and adventure documentaries. Our two films, "Riding Solo To The Top Of The World" and "One Crazy Ride" have won many awards all over the world. Both these films were self-funded and with help from family and friends.

Starting July 2010, we start on our most ambitious film, titled
"Motorcycle Chang pa". The film aims to cover the changing face of the Changthang desert in the Himalayas, over a period of one year.

Considering the harsh Himalayan winters, we need special equipment for camping and filming. Understandably, the budget for this film is beyond our current means and capacity. Nevertheless, we are starting work on it believing that you and others like you will support us and help us complete our third film.

You can help

We'll be posting constant updates about the film on this website, so be sure to come back often. Thanks for reading!

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