Riding Solo To The Top Of The World


Riding Solo... is a film about filmmaker Gaurav Jani's solo motorcycle journey from Mumbai to one of the remotest places in the world, the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, bordering China. As a one-man film unit, he astonishes you, filming the landscape he passes by and the people he interacts with, capturing moments of beauty, pain, love, hardship, self doubt and spiritual triumphs.


  • Director : Gaurav Jani
  • Producer : Dirt Track Productions
  • Executive Producer : P. T. Giridhar Rao
  • Project Co-ordinator : Rajiv B. Menon
  • Editor : Sankalp Meshram
  • Music : Ved Nair
  • Mixing Engineer : Dwarak Warrier


Satellite maps of Changthang plateau

To give you an idea of the terrain and the overall region, we have put together a video showing a bird's eye view of the whole journey of Riding Solo... The video has been put together by combining individual frames - 25 for each second - from multiple camera angles.

Satellite Maps designed by : Vinod Panicker
Courtesy: NASA

"The film takes the world on a trip that has never been taken before" - Miles Davis, Moto-journalist and author: Motorcycle Yoga

"Riding solo to the top of the world is a marvelous ethnographic rarely seen in recent years." - Shyam Benegal, Film maker

"You're not going to see too many films with the heart, inspiration and jaw-dropping gutsiness as this one. Riding Solo... is, for filmmaker and audience, an unforgettable journey." - Richard P, Film Critic

"Riding Solo.. is a magical film, artfully combining ancient culture, magnificent topography and motorcycle adventure." - Brian Rathjen, Publisher: Backroads Motorcycle Tour Magazine

"Judicious mix of adventure and ethnographic detail." - Critics Jury, Mumbai International Film Festival

"Beautiful and unexpected. More than a solo road adventure amidst immense and starkly scenic landscapes, it was a cultural education. And to learn how Gaurav filmed entirely by himself really demonstrates his skill, patience and determination." - Jared Zaugg, Co-Founder: Legend of the Motorcycle, Concours d'Elegance

"More than another motorcycle adventure; it's the story of a life-altering experience." - Rick K, Editor: webBikeWorld.com

"A true celebration of the documentary, this solo adventure translates into a film that is an experience both personal and universal." - Award Jury, Indian Documentary Producers Association

"World travel enthusiasts, distance riding pioneers and motorcycle loners would appreciate this film simply for the ruggedness and grassroots approach to this trip." - Mandy Langston, BMW Owners Magazine

"A poem about the traveling life. For someone who feels that call to adventure, it's much more. In such a person this film could plant a deeper seed." - Steve Werner, Easyriders Magazine

"With "Riding Solo..." a new form (of film making) emerges which should encourage young filmmakers to explore the world around them. A road movie, which transforms a trekking adventure into a poem, revealing the mysteries of a gentle mindscape." - Award Jury Mumbai International Film Festival

"Riding Solo... is one of those films that starts out as one thing, then slowly becomes something wholly unexpected and ultimately, very moving." - Kate Edwards, Friction Zone Magazine

"Sheer spirit of adventure with a compassion that enhances the viewer's perception." - Award Jury, Signs Film Festival

"An excellent example of what can be achieved by one determined person and a good idea. Gaurav's work is not only great to watch, but forms as important anthropological record of a way of life that may soon be gone." - Robert Render Harrison, Indie Slate Magazine









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