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While the world media has shifted towards drama, hype, scandal, lifestyle and oomph, we have consciously moved away from the mainstream to the dirt track, churning out films that inspire, motivate, enrich and at the same time mirror life.

We make films that not only satisfy us as filmmakers but also quench our thirst for travel and exploration. Dirt Track Productions was born when the co-founders were on a location hunt in the biggest tiger reserve of India and couldn’t find their way out. Ultimately they walked for 13 hours without food and water to get back to civilisation.

Our main focus is to make films and documentaries on remote regions of the World. This gives us a chance not only to explore new subjects but also to explore ourselves by interacting with the people.

We also scout locations and arrange logistics for films, photographers and ad-films for Indian and foreign production houses.

Gaurav Jani

Gaurav Jani

Gaurav, also known as Jani, Bhatku (wanderer) or GJ, directs films for Dirt Track Productions. Riding Solo To The Top Of The World is his debut film. Gaurav is a travel freak and a biker. He likes to collect antiques, but doesn’t have the money for it! He is also the founder member of 60kph, Motorcycle Travel Club India. Gaurav functions as a one-man film unit to capture the true essence of travel and it’s highs and lows. He neither believes in planning nor research, preferring instead to trust his instincts and firm resolve. Sometimes things work out the way he wants and sometimes they bomb, but he doesn’t change. He likes to keep things simple and basic, letting his heart rule over his head.

Phone : +91-94087-15641
Email : gaurav[at]dirttrackproductions[dot]com

P.T Giridhar Rao

P T Giridhar Rao

P.T Giridhar Rao, also known as Giri or Anna, handles the production and logistics part of films. Anna has been in film production for the past 14 years. To sum him up – Let’s say he owes you a hundred grand. Upset, you pay him a visit to collect and instead return with a smile, having sipped tea and talked about life, and of course without the money! That’s our Anna. You will surely get the money soon though! For Giri, the project he’s working on is his life. He gives a hundred percent to it. He can amazingly handle ten different things at one time. Apart from partnering in Dirt Track Productions, he produces regional Telugu films in Hyderabad and works as an Executive Producer for Ram Gopal Varma. Anna lives a simple life, loves to go on long drives, cook and sleep under the stars.

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