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Friends who have/will shape our films with their vision and creativity.
The unsung heroes behind the documentary Riding Solo To The Top Of The World.

Rajiv B. Menon
Project Co-ordinator & Narration Script

Rajiv B Menon

Rajiv also known as Maiiinnu, Satku (Cranky) or Jadoo (magic) defies the term “Jack of all trades”. He is a master in whatever he does. Alas! Only if he was not so lazy and whimsical. Rajiv is a great singer, songwriter, music composer, screenplay writer and is now planning to become a film director. Rajiv knows about the history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology of all living and non-living things that exist in this universe. The only thing that holds Rajiv back is his moody nature, his want to do things his own way and his uncompromising attitude. His frank opinion turns people off. Rajiv is a kid at heart and most of time behaves that way too! For Riding Solo… his versatile knowledge of planning, scripting, editing and music made all the difference. Without his contribution, the documentary wouldn’t have been half of what it is right now.

E-mail : rajeevmennon[at]gmail[dot]com
Mobile : +91 9322840012

Sankalp Meshram
Editor & Narration Script

Sankalp Meshram

Calling Sankalp just an editor would be a crime. He is a reputed editor and filmmaker, having won National Awards in both the categories. An alumnus of the Film and Television Institution of India, Sankalp loves to sing, laugh and joke while working. His approach to life is – take it easy, enjoy and spread happiness. His mind has a remarkable balance of the analytical and the creative. His greatest quality is his patience with new-comers and his keenness to share his knowledge and experience with others. It is Sankalp who then a stranger to Gaurav, taught him how to handle the camera and record sound. His contribution to Riding Solo… was much more than what was expected from an editor. Sankalp is also the man behind the popular MTV series “Filmi Fundas”, a spoof on C-grade Hindi films. He is a voracious reader and an excellent cook. Sankalp is a born again free man. He’s SINGLE again!

E-mail : sankalpmeshram[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : +91-22-28763951
Mobile : +91-9224409873

Ved Nair
Music Composer

Ved Nair

Ved at first will give you an impression of being a very reserved person, but once you click with him he will talk at length about music. A bird watcher (the ones that fly) and a keen traveler, he dreams to go cycling around India one day. Ved is having a tough time because of the kind of music he believes in. It is not what the commercial films in India want. Music for him is – life, without which he’s incomplete. His forte has been innovating fresh harmonies in a basic raga melodic structure. His first feature film, “Kali Salwar” paved way to his soul searching in Sufi music. Ved has the uncanny ability to understand the parameters of the film and compose music in such a way that both video and audio compliment each other. Ved believes in silence instead of unwanted music.

E-mail : bedaveda[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : +91 22 28429756
Mobile : + 91 9969001432

Dwarak Warrier
Sound Design

Dwarak Warrier

Dwarak, also known as Hari, is the superstar amongst us mortals. He is without doubt the most sought after sound designer and mixing engineer in Mumbai. He has worked on the best of films and with the best directors in India. An alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India and a biker, he loves to go on rides but his busy schedule has him working in the studio most of the time. Hari is a soft-spoken guy and will speak only if there is a need to, otherwise he can easily go without talking for days. Of course his job requires him to be a keen listener! The mystery on why he agreed to work on our humble documentary is still not solved. Maybe he couldn’t refuse us or maybe because the film was about a motorcycle journey. We think that the nice and sweet guy he is, he just couldn’t refuse us and see us walk away dejected.

E-mail : dwarakw[at]gmail[dot]com
Mobile : +91 9820511463

Milind Sheorey

Milind Sheorey

Please welcome the most whimsical guy you will ever meet. If you don’t know about music then please don’t talk to Milind about it. There have been instances where directors and producers have told Milind to play the flute in a certain way and he has invited them into the recording room to play the flute themselves. He played the flute in a concert with his back to the audience because a well known singer introduced him as “his musician.” Milind’s actions are not unwarranted. Music is his religion. He has spent years learning flute from “Padmabhushan” Shrimati Annapurna Devi also guru to Hariprasad Chaurasia. Milind’s music comes from his heart. On the day of the recording Milind entered the music studio, saw Riding Solo and quietly went into the recording room, closed his eyes and we recorded whatever he played and have used all those compositions in the documentary. Milind has performed at various concerts in India, France, Netherlands, Norway and U.A.E.

E-mail : milindsheorey[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Phone : +91 9869237698

Pinkoo Joseph

Pinkoo Joseph

for recordings. He prefers to stay with his family and his music. Pinkoo was the lead guitarist and singer of Ashwamedh, India’s first Hindi rock band and his antics on stage with his guitar have left audiences spell bound. Pinkoo has also composed and arranged jingles and many private albums. He has been playing guitar for the last 15 years and has performed live with different bands as lead vocalist, lead guitarist and session musician. Pinkoo was called especially from Nagpur for Riding Solo… and the day he arrived, he let his guitar do the talking. Jumping, swinging in all possible directions his energy and passion comes across in the music, be it electric or acoustic. Pinkoo is gifted with a dynamic voice range and also did the vocals and whistling for Riding Solo. He teaches music at Holistic Child Development School.

E-mail : pinkoojoseph[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone :+91 712 2546076
Mobile :+91 9823767079

Sanjeev Sharma
Graphic Designer

Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev, also known as Da Sanjuz or Sanju baba does magic with designs. He lets his mind wander and the outcome – his unique designs. Sanju is a dreamer, a biker and a traveler. His Physics graduate degree didn’t do him any good as his heart was in giving aesthetic value to shapes, colors and dreams. Learning design software on his own, he’s made www.designjaunt.com his online home. In the design industry for over five years, he has worked extensively in web & print media. He works for 11 months in a year and for one month (and sometimes more) he travels. Sanjeev is also a member of 60kph and maintains the club’s website. Sanjeev has also designed the website you are viewing right now and will make his acting debut in Dirt Track Productions upcoming documentary “One Crazy Ride”.

E-mail : sanjeev[at]designjaunt[dot]com
Website : www.designjaunt.com

Vinod Panicker
Technical whatzit

Vinod Panicker

Vinod, also known as Doniv or Doni is a wonderkid. His unique forte lies in understanding and relating to machines and programs. Doniv is a genius when it comes to computers, internet, latest gadgets and gizmos. There is a ray of hope though – Since taking up travel and photography, he has started showing signs that he is a human like the rest of us. Vinod is a meticulous planner and likes to think of himself as a perfectionist and critic. Nothing is left to the last minute. He’s the guy behind the programs, forms and payment gateways on this site. Vinod is a member of 60kph and will make his acting debut in the role of a “hygienic biker” in Dirt Track Productions’ upcoming documentary, “One Crazy Ride”.

E-mail : vinod[at]doniv[dot]org
Website :www.doniv.org

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